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Join us for a weekend retreat or a day outing with many
great activities to choose from!!

The Triple-R Ranch serves many groups providing personalized service,  activities, food service, and accommodations in a variety of facilities for retreat groups of all sizes.
We believe in the effectiveness of well planned retreats. Never forget, its not where you go, or how exciting a trip you develop, but that you prayerfully seek God to enable you to provide an age appropriate, encouraging and spiritually challenging experience.



Lodging and Meal Prices

The Ponderosa 
The Ponderosa Retreat Center is our most comfortable and versatile housing, with large meeting rooms, spacious handicapped accessible restrooms, a kitchen, speaker's suite, an indoor climbing wall, and a racquet ball / wallyball court. The main hall can comfortably seat 500 hundred.  Within the great room there are two lounge areas equipped with fire-places - the ideal setting for more cozy discussions.  The Ponderosa also offers two activity rooms which are ideal for small break-out groups of up to 80. 


The Pinewood Suite 
This beautiful guest suite is located within the Ponderosa and sleeps two.  It is very similar to a motel room and has a sink, microwave, and table with two chairs. It offers a private bathroom and shower that is handicap accessible. This is the ideal for a guest speaker or a married couple that is part of your leadership team.

The Virginia City Bunkhouse 
The Virginia City Bunkhouse is a western two-story bunkhouse that sleeps 60 guests (30 on each level). The "Bunkhouse" offers indoor showers and bathrooms on each level.  The first floor also is home to our Caribou Cafe meeting room which has a kitchenette, a fireplace and can seat 75.

The Buffalo and Grizzly Cabins 
The cabins are nestled in the woods along the Northwest River. They are rustic one room cottages that sleep up to 12 people. Each cabin area has a centrally located bathroom and shower facitility as well as an outdoor amphitheater with benches.


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Large Meeting Rooms

  • Great Hall - Located in the Poderosa
    • Accommodates 500
    • Includes use of racquetball/wallyball court
    • Includes access to kitchen
  • Frontier and Pioneer Rooms - Located in the Ponderosa
    • Accommodate 80 each
  • Carribou Cafe - Located in the Virginia City Hotel
    • Accommodates 75
    • Includes access to kitchenette (fridge and microwave)
  • The Loft - Located in the Dining Hall
    • Accommodates 70
  • The Cedar Room - Located in the Trading Post
    • Accommodates 30

 Small Meeting Rooms

  • Hobby Hogan - Located near the Lodge
  • Wigwam (A Frame) - Located near the Lodge
    • Accommodates 30
  • Cedar Room - Located next to the Trading Post
    • Accommodates 30
  • Buffalo/Grizzly Rooms - Located in our Cabin Areas
    • Accommodates 20

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Activities at Triple R Ranch, we love great outdoor activities! We have a range of activities suite for youth groups, birthday parties, school groups, and corporate events! Triple R offers a wide variety of activities to make any visit unforgettable. Out staff are dedicated to working with you to help you select the right activities to make your visit a success. Check the list below to see our most popular activities.

Activity Descriptions and Prices

Please note: There is a 10-person minimum requirement to reserve an activity. 

Horseback Riding (ages 8+)

Our scenic western style trail rides are our signature activity. Our guided, walking horseback rides run along wooded trails and around our pastures. Helmets are provided for our guests and required for all minors. All participants are required to turn in a signed release form for this activity. Trail rides take approximately 1 hour from the time instructions begin to when participants finish.

Hay Rides

Tractor drawn hayrides are a great activity for afternoon and evening groups of all shapes and sizes. Out hayride lasts approximately 20 minutes and hold 20-25 individuals per wagon. Our route takes participants through the forest along a historic canal and finishes paralleling one of our horse pastures.

Pony Rides<

Pony rides are a great way to introduce young children to the thrill of horseback riding.

Flying Squirrel

The flying squirrel is one of the most thrilling activities at Triple R. Participants are attached to a rope that runs through a pulley 30 feet in the air and are slung up by their teammates on the other end. It is truly an experience you will not forget!

Climbing wall

Our 40ft outdoor climbing wall is a great way to build confidence and endurance. There are 2 different beginner routs and 1 advanced rout to test your climbing ability. Our climbing wall is equipped with auto-belay devices that comfortably lower climbers down at a slow pace. One the climber lets go of the wall.

Laser Tag

Laser tag has grown to be one of our most popular activities for our guest groups. Our ____ square foot arena hold up to 20 players at a time. For each hour rented we play a minimum of 6 games that last no more than 10 minutes. Laser tag is a great activity for large groups.

Low Ropes Course

Our low ropes course is the ideal activity for guests looking for a team building event. Our course challenges members to think outside the box and work together to accomplish each event. We have combined obstacles for climbing and group activities to create an experience that is perfect for both students and corporate retreats. 


Come get an intro into archery and work on your aim alongside others! Shoot our recurve bows at targets sitting 25 feet away and enjoy the satisfying sound of your arrow hitting your target! Archery has been one of the all-time favorites at Triple R!


At the riflery range, you get the chance to practice your marksmanship with a .22 caliber rifle. We have plenty of small targets to help you work on your aim and see where you score on the turkey shoot!

Escape Room

Come see if you and your friends have what it takes to make it out of our escape room! Participants have one hour to put together clues and unlock items to see if they work as a team to make their way out.


Canoeing is one of the best activities for those who love a great adventure. Our canoe trail follows the Northwest River where you will experience the untouched beauty of God’s creation. During the spring and late summer, turtles and snakes can be found basking along the logs and branches in the river. In the fall and winter, wood ducks and river otters can also be spotted out and about.

Barn Tour

Come and see what life is like for a Triple R Ranch Wrangler! Our barn tours offer an educational experience for those interested in learning about horse care up close.

Critter Corral

Critter Corral is perfect for groups who want a hands on experience with our small animals. Critter Corral holds a variety of different farm animals including miniature horses, miniature donkey, goats, sheep, pigs and more!

Leather craft

Create a memory at Triple R you can take with you. Participants get to design a bookmark, wristband, or key-chain with their own unique style. Leather craft takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes depending on the size group.


Nothing beats relaxing next to a campfire. We have several fire pits located around the ranch to accommodate any environment. We provide enough wood for approximately 3 hours. Marshmallow skewers are provided on request.


Our 25-meter swimming pool comes complete with two diving boards and a 60-foot pool slide. Available on a seasonal basis, the pool normally opens at the beginning of May and closes by the middle of September. Please be aware that one-piece or a modest tankini are required for women or a dark t-shirt over the suite. Men are not allowed to wear speedos.

Check out these other great areas to add excitement to your visit:

Gaga Ball

Soccer Field



9 Square


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We are deeply committed to serving Christ and our guests and will gladly offer suggestions on programs, activities, and timing upon request

Office: 757-421-4177
Retreat and Activity Registrations:

The Triple-R Ranch offers complete packages for overnight retreats and day outings.
We have pictures of many of our facilities loaded right here on our website  as well as cost information and reservation forms. To make a reservation, please call 757-421-4177 or email us. Please note that no reservation is considered final until the date has been confirmed by phone or email and a deposit has been received.

Lodging and Meal Prices
Activity Descriptions and Prices
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The Ranch is committed to providing encounters with Christ through outdoor experiences. We rely on donations to make this ministry happen!

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