Save The Treehouse


The Scaly Bark Roost


The "Scaly Bark Roost," as it is called, has been a hallmark of Triple R Ranch for years. The tree that was once in the middle has died and has been removed. But many parts of the treehouse are still very usable so we are working hard to save the treehouse. We are building new supports and updating the treehouse to make it more accessible to all people. But we need your support to continue this project. Donors have offered to match gifts, so every small amount counts towards bringing this memorable spot back for all of our guests. Join with us to save this beloved part of Triple R Ranch history.

Give Now. Give Joy.


Summer Camp 2018

Few things are as memorable as Camp! Registration Open for 2018!


The Ranch is committed to providing encounters with Christ through outdoor experiences. We rely on donations to make this ministry happen!

General Giving 

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