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Shirt size (Girls - when giving a shirt size give the size you would wear in a guy's t-shirt)*
Regulations require us to check reference on returning staff every two years. If this is your third or fourth summer at Triple R please provide two personal/professional references that are not Triple R Ranch Staff.
Reference email address
Reference email address
Dates Available to Work
These 3 weeks are retreat events before our regular camp sessions. A few extra staff are needed in the kitchen and helping to get ready for camp. (No experience necessary.) This will be a 40 hr work week. The pay is $200 plus room and board. We can not guarantee all staff will get to work these early weeks. We hire until each department has what they need.
Retreat Weeks

Pre-Camp Training: Staff working 6 or more of the following camp sessions will be paid for this training period. Pre-Camp pay is $200 plus room and board. Pre-Camp is required unless you are given permission from Camp Leadership.
PLEASE NOTE: Session 3 is a mini-camp week that is Tue.-Fri. Session 9 is listed but only on a TENTATIVE basis. It has not been confirmed that there will be camp that week.
Camp Sessions

Positions Avalable
First Choice
Second Choice
Important Information
What is an area inyour life where you have seen God working?*
What are your career goals and have they changes in the past year?*
How often do you attend a local church or small group?*
How often do you read your Bible?*
What is an instance where you have used something you learned during your past summer(s) at Triple R and how it impacted you or someone else?*
Has drug use (tobacco, marijuana, illegal drugs, and /or misuse of over-the-counter/prescription drugs part of your lifestyle in the past year?*
Has alcohol consumption been part of your lifestyle in the past year?*
Are there any activities in the past year that if came to light over the summer would impede your or our program's credibility?*
Triple R's objective is to be a strong, positive Christian influence on campers and High School staff who are developing their personal habits and values. A Senior Staff member's example is most important in achieving this objective. Accordingly, Triple R asks that all staff refrain from the use of any tobacco product, illegal drugs, any alcoholic beverage, remove all piercing with the exception of ear piercing, and maintain good personal habits of conduct, grooming, and hygiene.
Can you comply with this policy?

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY, THEN CHECK AND SIGN ACCORDINGLY. If you disagree with any of the below, leave box unchecked and explain your differences on a separate email to
I accept the Bible as the inspired word of God and trust Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.
I agree to abide by all the rules and regulations set by Triple R Ranch. and commit myself obeying the authority of those placed over me.
I understand that if offered a position at Triple R Ranch, I will be committing myself to a summer of service, and that my behavior and attitude will be examined in terms of my example and ministry to others.
By entering my name below, I give permission to the Triple R Ranch personnel to confer with the references listed regarding my work history and performance or other information that might be beneficial. I also certify that all of the entries on this form are true and accurate. I understand that any untrue, misleading, or omitted information herein or in other documents completed for this application process by the applicant may result in dismissal, regardless of the time of discovery by Triple R Ranch.
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