Challenge Course

Challenge is at the core of this adventure experience. Whether working together through a problem solving initiative like the Spider's Web, performing a balancing act with your partner on the Wild Woosy, or taking an exhilarating ride down the Zip Line, you will be sure to enjoy the many exciting activities the Triple-R Challenge Course has to offer.

Triple-R's Challenge Course is a series of individual and group activities that require a combination of teamwork skills and individual commitment. Constructed of cable, rope and wood, the course is built in the trees and is designed to be effectively used in reaching the following goals:

  • To increase mutual support within a group.
  • To develop abilities which contribute to decision making and leadership
  • To develop relationships of honesty and healthy communication.
  • To focus on the importance of being a trustworthy, reliable individual.

Above all, it is our desire to make the Challenge course experience fun and enjoyable. No one is ever forced to participate in an activity with which they are not comfortable. We concentrate on being others oriented, developing responsibility, dependibility and trustworthiness.


Low Elements (Team Building)

The low course elements are characterized by group participation, problem solving, and activities which build group unity, cooperation, and communication while also challenging balance and physical coordination. Groups are presented with a series of challenges in which members must be decisive and collective in their efforts to accomplish the goal.

High Elements
The high course elements give an ultimate feeling of accomplishment as participants make their way across steel cables, ropes, and beams through a series of events ranging from 15-43 feet high. Participants are on safety systems the entire time as they face and overcome fears, testing their ability to commit and strive for the ultimate goal, the Zip Line! Debriefing discussion concentrates on commitment, overcoming fear, trust in God, and the value of encouraging one another.

Well trained staff and careful programming assure that safety is first. Proper spotting and safety techniques are utilized and group members become part of the safety team which serves to develop support, communication, and accountability. All high course elements are conducted with properly tested harnesses, helmets, and belay ropes. The instructors have all received training, are knowledgeable in safety procedures, and will give careful instruction in equipment to all participants.

Is This for Me?
The Challenge Course is for anyone who wishes to draw their group closer together. The following are just some of the groups who might benefit:

  • Youth Groups and Agencies
  • School groups and classes
  • Business and office staffs
  • Counseling and support groups
  • Church groups
  • Scout clubs
  • Sports teams
  • Almost any and every group can benefit from the Challenge Course experience

Participants must be 12 or older. Due to group dynamics, we can only host groups in sizes of 8-36 participants. Groups of 16 or more will be divided into smaller groups.

            Low Challenge Course (Team Building)
    Consists of 1-2 hours on low events.   
    Cost: $7 per person per hour

             High Challenge Course
     Consists of 3 hours on the high course.
     Cost: $22 per person

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